My name is Thomas Nguyen and I'm a front-end developer. I am interested in using software to help children in need.

01 Selected Work

01 TicTaco

Planned, strategized, and built a tic-tac-toe app using custom AI using JS

02 DevDash

Chrome-extension new-tab override that presents a summary of GitHub repos.

03 Neighborhoods

Developed a user-interface of neighborhood regions using VueJS and Mapbox.

04 Instagrocery

Employed Photoshop and Sketch to design mock-ups and wireframes.

02 About Me

I'm a CS student graduating in 2018 and I'm currently looking for a software development role. I have a strong interest in web development and experience with JavaScript, React and HTML/CSS

Strong: JavaScript, CSS, PhotoShop, ES6, Git, Sass
Knowledgeable: React, Redux, Gulp, C++, Java, Python

03 Contact Me!

Interested in my services? Feel free to contact me for contract or freelance work.